Happy Mother's Day, Momma!

Dear Mom,
You're a beautiful woman.

You're gentle, kind, and compassionate.

You tear up every time you pray and your lips quiver and you love God with a pure heart.

You make delicious food.  You taught me how to tri-fold my laundry.  You're my friend.  Our toes look exactly alike.

You're so much fun to be around and I'll never get tired of your adOrable giggles.  I like shopping with you, sitting around and talking for hours with you, and watching The Biggest Loser with you (and other dramatic "reality" shows that annoy the guys).

I like drinking Sonic cherry/vanilla Cokes with you.

Thanks for all the loads of laundry, all the rides to school, all the packed lunches, the character-building talks, and the kisses.  Thanks for telling me to be a "'there you are!' person, instead of a 'here I am!' person" (still working on that one).  And thanks for putting up with all that teenage attitude I had.

Thanks for being so tender and lovely in every way.

Thank you for being brave...brave enough to let me be all the way over here in Nicaragua while you're all the way over there, wondering what I'm up to and if I'm safe and whether or not I'm staying healthy.  I'm doing great!

I'm so glad God made you my Momma.  It's an honor and I feel incredibly blessed...

I love you.


  1. Wow! You do have a way with words Ms. Emily! Thanks for sharing your sweetness with us.

    I say a prayer for you and Ted often, trusting you're doing well,and yes, staying healthy, safe and blessed, in the sweet name of Jesus!

    your friends mother,

  2. OHhhhh!! This made me cry! Sherri, you're an amazing mommy with an incredible daughter. You are both SO special to me...feel so blessed to have been a "bug on the wall". =) I love you both!! Happy Mother's Day Mrs. B!
    And I love you Em!


  3. Pure sweetness and the photos make the post "sing."

  4. This is wonderful. Your mom is amazing! This post makes me happy.


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