How Exciting!



  1. Emily, I write to you from my kitchen table, after just having consumed the last little bite of your delicious pretzel! The children and I made them this afternoon and they were so very yummy that I'm pretty sure they must be banned in all 50 states!

    Our only hiccup was that our oven maxes out at 500 degrees, so we baked them for 8 minutes instead of 7. Still good!

    My favorite part is how quick they were to make! Generally, anything that has to rise is far past the attention span of the younger ones, but this recipe was so quick that it held their attention from beginning to tasty end.

    I'm so glad that Jen linked to your blog because I just spent the few minutes that it takes to gobble one of those pretzels reading all about your Queen and your Prince. Obviously your ambition stretches far beyond homemade pretzels.

    Best wishes to you.



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