My 3-Year Anniversary

I fell deep deep in love with Tedd Lodes when I was 19 years old.
I was trying not to like him...

He was so admirable, so mature, so driven, so in love with God...

He prayed from his heart - not with eloquent words or religious lingo, but with a sincere heart.

He was wise for his age (he was 23).  He didn't care about things so many other guys cared so much about.  He cared about reaching out to the world.  He cared about helping people.

He was so goofy.  He wore socks with sandals, drove a Roxy-edition Echo with a bright blue wave, and didn't have a cell phone...and he wasn't the least bit insecure about it.

His confidence, balanced with his genuine humility, captivated me.

I could see the evidence of Jesus' powerful Spirit in Tedd's life - because of the way he loved people recklessly, served people wholeheartedly, and shared so transparently...

Then one day we were talking.  Strictly friends.  No, really.

I had only known Tedd a couple months.  I was trying not to like him.  I really didn't see it coming...

"The truth is," he says matter-of-factly, "I'm falling in love with you..."  

"You might as well say that I am in love with you."

Those were the words that changed my life.  I never saw them coming.

That night I laid awake for hours.  I couldn't sleep, and I "just knew," this is the man I'm going to marry.  It sorta scared me at the time because I really didn't know him that well, but I had this deep down intuition thing that just kept saying to me, this is the one.

Nine months later we were engaged.  Eleven months later, May 27th, 2007, we were married - very very very happily married.
Now three years later, I love that Tedd Lodes even more than I ever could have imagined!!  I'm honored to be his wife, and I'm so thankful to my loving Father for giving me with such a gentle, compassionate, loving, and faithful husband.


  1. aww em, that just brought tears to my eyes! ya'll really are just too cute for words :)

  2. Emily, I didn't know that was your anniversary! Mine too!!! Happy Anniversary. Gary and I have been married for 38 wonderful years. I know you and Ted will have many years together also.

  3. That is TOO SWEET!
    I got engaged when I was nineteen, married at 20! It's fun to grow up with the someone you love, even when it's hard.

  4. Shame on me for not saying it sooner: Happy Anniversary!!! We love you guys. Hope to see you soon.


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