Showin' Him Some Love

Remember the Show Him Some Love Challenge I started hosting about a month ago?  Well, time's up!

Thanks to my pals, FourKidsMom & Amber, who have joined me in the challenge!!

Here were my five things I chose to do to show my hubby some love between April & May 27th:

1. "Tell him you both love him AND like him."  

This one was easy.  I mentioned that I like him several times, and he of course responded "I like you, too."  He picked up on this though and started telling me he likes me out of the blue.  I really do like him!

2. "Foster an atmosphere of laughter in your home.  Look for ways to laugh together." 

There's been a lot of laughter.  We laugh a lot anyway, but this month I've been more alert to finding ways to make Tedd laugh, or to stop and enjoy something funny with him, rather than truckin' along with my work and giving a sympathy giggle (you know what I'm talkin' about?)

3. "Talk with him about having specific family goals..."

This one comes up a lot since we're in such a high-speed season of life.  A lot of the goals we talk about apply to when we have children, but we would like to work on some things and be more disciplined as a couple now too, such as daily prayer time together.  I really didn't do a great job instigating these talks, to be honest.  I'd still like to give it a shot this month, though!

4. "Surprise him with a fun gift of some kind that he'd really enjoy."

Food.  One of Tedd's love languages.  After rice and beans, eggs and beans, and yucca and beans day after day, a fried chicken sandwich with fresh tomato and avocado on a toasted-bun really hit the spot!  Small gift; from the heart.

5. "Pray for him."

Have I ever mentioned how terribly un-disciplined I am?  I didn't achieve my goal of praying for my husband daily like I wanted to.  So much for blogger accountability.  My Bible-reading and prayer life really need some help when it comes to making it a daily habit.  So, I prayed for Tedd, but I'm still working toward the goal of making it a daily prayer.

So that's my update.  Even though the "challenge" is over, I still plan to go out of my way to show TT that I love him to pieces! 


    1. What an excellent idea. You are spurring me on to action! Thanks!


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