Writing from My Husband's Laptop

I'm in a bit of a funk, I must admit.  I've had a series of "bad" days.

We had a very busy week, busier than usual.  No time for blogging.  I made very little time for praying.

My laptop is "broken" - it keeps freezing and restarting.  Very sad.  Made blogging, once again, a low priority. 

Today I woke up with a fever.  Still got it.

Tonight: Brad, Amy, Velloso, & I went out for a late night walk to toss out our "compost" bucket.  When it's late, we like to let Velloso run around free without a leash since most everyone is in bed, and it's nice and cool.  He bolts out the door, skipping and jumping, tongue hanging out, and you can almost here him shouting "I'm freeeeeeeee!"

Well, tonight, there was a shadowy figure in the distance, a man dressed in black.  He was walking casually toward us, and Velloso went from happy little puppy to ferocious beast.  By the time we realized he was taking off after the man, it was too late.  He attacked him.

Fortunately, it wasn't a full-blown attack.  It looked like a (snarling, growling, scary) bark and a nip, but it was too dark to tell.  The man was very angry and said that the dog bit him and that he was going to "the center" (uh...we're not from around here, what the heck does that mean?) and something about paying him.  Poop.

Was he lying?  Brad checked the man's leg, because he insisted he got bitten, and he saw a little hole in his pants but no signs of blood.  I guess Velloso bit the man.  Sigh.

(Secretly relieved that our guard dog is indeed a good guard dog - is that wrong?  I mean, isn't it kind of comforting that he wants to protect us from shadowy figures walking toward us?)

I apologized to the man (still suspecting that he could be lying so he could get money) and asked him to wait until my husband got home (he was giving a friend a ride to her hotel on the motorcycle) so that we could talk about things, but he stormed off, ignoring me completely.

Oh boy.  Well...I guess we'll wait until tomorrow to see what becomes of all this.

Needing some alone-time with God.  Needing a breather.  Things just haven't been goin' my way lately.  Makes me homesick.

One nice thing that happened today was that our neighbor heard I was sick and generously offered his vehicle to Tedd in case the illness became serious and I had to go to the hospital (which is a couple hours away).  This was so encouraging, though (Mom & Grammy), I'm not seriously ill, so no worries!  But we were touched by his kindness and thoughtfulness.

Well, that's my random, cranky post for the night.  Hopefully I'll face my challenges with a godly attitude and spend some time in prayer.  Needing it bad!

Encouraged by all the kind feedback about this blog - thanks, friends.  I'll try to get back into it when I can!


  1. Emily, I will most certainly be praying for you this week. Isaiah 43:1-7 is one of my favorite passages. Take a look and be encouraged. You are not alone.

  2. Praying that the Lord will encourage you today, and that you will feel better! I was thinking about y'all a lot this morning, must have been the Lord laying you on my heart! Hope the rest of your time goes well, but I have to say that we selfishly can't WAIT till y'all get back in the Fort!!


  3. Ohh I was so there last week. SO SO THERE!
    And the dog bite thing will be fine. My dog bit someone once, and we had to pay for the medical bills on a scratch (rabies shot). It's not like he can sue you...right?
    Ok, so a light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not over come it! Keep reminding yourself that, and stay away from brownies. Praying for you. Sorry if this comment is too random, I need a nap. But first I'll pray.

  4. I am so sorry about the dog bite. I am sure that there wasn't much there. Nicholas nips too, but it is out of sheer puppy joy. God gave/lent you Velloso to love you while you are there. I am proud of him for taking such great care of you. I love you and miss you. Hang in there. Aunt Kristin

  5. Sorry for the funk!

    Things will get better!


  6. Em,wow, your just like the rest of us!! sorry you had a bad day, but I love hearing about your everyday stuff, 'cause there are so many amazing 'God-things' happening and you just de-glamorize the mission field. I love that. I have boring days, tired days, and days that are filled too full. Isn't it so good to crawl up in the Father's lap?? (the warrior is a child.) you are so loved as you walk this amazing walk with Jesus. love you, too LauraJ

  7. Emily, Thank you for sharing your heart!!
    I am reading John 20 - Mary cried and Jesus showed up in a BIG way!! He knows our heart, our emotions, and He knows Just what you need!!
    Praying you will turn and SEE HIM FACE TO FACE!!
    then like Mary,
    You will say "I have seen the LORD"
    In christ's love,

  8. I love you Emily! You're not alone! It sounds like with the computer stuff and all...the Lord is opening up the perfect setup for just the right medicine for you..some Word! I do pray that you'll be restored physically and spiritually.
    Proud of Velloso--would've bitten him too..good dog! =) Loving you and hugging you from here!!


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