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To My Daddy on Father's Day...

Thank you for being such a great daddy.  I'm so thankful you're my dad. I've never doubted your love for me. You hug me and tell me I'm beautiful and encourage me and advise me and trust me. You talk to God like He's real...with humility and authenticity. You made my childhood a sweet and memorable one! Water skiing, rope swings, tree forts, paintball, airsoft, tickling, four-wheelers, treasure hunts (complete with rhyming clues), exciting off-the-top-of-your-head stories, corny jokes, wixing mall wur yerds up pike a lro, the best grilled steaks & fried potatoes, tons of laughter, snake-slayer, yard-mower, fun stories about your childhood, card games, camping trips, donkey kong, the cabin, bear hugs, wrestling, wiffle ball, and playing catch with me in the back yard for hours.  The list goes on and on and on! I feel like a million bucks when I get a belly laugh out of you.  Seriously, if I can get you to laugh at me, like a real laugh, it just makes my day!  (And you …

The Purdue Team

The following post is also posted on our missions blog, but it's such an epic one with tons of pictures, so I thought I'd share it here too!

May was the month for teams.  It was our first time to receive teams and to help lead, and boy was it hard work, but a total blast!   First came Purdue {May 9-20}
 For those who are interested, here's what their trip looked like:

~ ~ ~ Sunday, Day 1 ~ ~ ~ Team arrives in the evening Subway dinner Worship & Bedtime
~ ~ ~ Monday, Day 2 ~ ~ ~ Orientation (culture, history, rules, etc) Packed PB&J lunches and on the bus to Rio Blanco 4 hour bus ride took 6 hours because of bus issues Arrived just in time for English class - team jumped right in!
~ ~ ~ Tuesday, Day 3 ~ ~ ~ Early AM "group time" at our house Liquia Adventure Day: The whole team piled in a milk truck to go to Liquia (we followed behind on the motorcycle)  We got as far as we could by truck and then hiked in to get to the church. The brothers in Liquia came with their &quo…