The Nicaraguan ABCs: F is for


If I walk away having learned only one thing from Nicaraguan culture, it would be that relationships take priority.

Relationships here generally take priority over time, schedules, money, or possessions.  Relationships is what life is all about here.

And though I get a little cranky when my personal agenda gets interrupted by unwanted unexpected visitors, and I dread entering certain people's homes because I know "this is gonna be a while..." really, at the end of the day, ya know, I think they've really got it right on this one.


Because of the priority on relationships here, and because of God's goodness, we've been able to form lots of friendships here.  The baker (& co), the neighbors, the vet, the dentist, the vice-mayor, the store owners, the pastors, the pastors' kids, the little girls that sell limes, the literacy students, the English students, the gas man, the church members, and other random pals.

There's still a lot of trust to be formed with many of these aquaintance-friends, but with some of them, such as these two gals, we're getting really close.  Thanks to God, they've opened up to me so much and we're becoming great friends.  In fact, tomorrow the girl on the left (Heidi) is treating me to a pedicure because she knew I was really busy with the teams this month - how sweet is that!?

Heidi & Yancey - sisters in Rio Blanco (pastor's kids)

w/ Bernardo in Liquia (he & his wife are staying the night with us tonight in Rio Blanco!)

Brother "Modesto" - 86 yrs old and one of our best readers.  He's seriously so cool.

Josefa & Marina in Liquia.  
Marina always sends us home with homemade cheese and tortillas.

Magali - great friend and the ultimate hook-up.  
Her dad is like the Sam Walton of Rio Blanco and she's always helped us whenever we're in a bind (such as when our motorcycle broke down 20 minutes outside of town).  This is a picture of the night she brought Tedd, Brad, Amy & me Nicaragua's famous "nacatamale" just because she's super sweet like that.

So friendships are forming and we're feeling as at-home as we can be because of them.  Coming to Rio Blanco basically started as a project.  Tedd & I needed on-the-field experience so we could be better trainers, so we practically said "eeny-meeny-miney-mo" and decided to move to Rio Blanco with literally a single contact.  But, as always, God's plan was so much bigger than ours.  Our little project has turned into a great love for the people here and in Liquia, and we're seeing how He paved the way for us all along.  Being here has been mighty difficult for me at times, but also one of the biggest blessings I've ever experienced.  So thankful for our new Nicaraguan friends. for Guanavana


  1. All of these posts of yours make so much more sense to me now. :) I just went through reading tons of your old me a stalker, I guess. ha. It's so humbling how giving and sincere the people are.


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