Puppy Love

Here's a post I wrote about a week & 1/2 ago, but never got around to posting...

We have a puppy!!!!
Meet our little Anabel:
(in English: Annabelle)
Vellozo has grand-puppies...

and Tedd's and my 3-year anniversary is this week...

Seeing the connection?

The owners were needing money and Tedd saw a win-win situation; he bought a puppy from them.

(The plan is to return her to the same owners or sell her when it's time to leave Nicaragua...or maybe, just maybe she could come home with us??)

Win: help out the owners
Win: take home a little fluff-ball


  1. Awww...too sweet, but, hmmm...Em, where is YOUR place on this bed???

  2. i'm STILL in love with annabelle! bring her with you when you come to tulsa...:)

  3. ahhh! what a cutie!!! she is precious!!!

  4. This was nap time, and I got left out, didn't I?


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