Time to Blog Again

Well, I've been majorly out of pocket this month.  For good reasons, though.  We just finished up a long stint of hosting teams and napped for several hours today to catch up on much-needed sleep.

Now, after about 3+ weeks out of the blogosphere, I've got lots of pictures and stuff to write about.  Tomorrow will probably be a blogging day - I really hope so!

Now, to whet your appetite:
This is Nicaragua's national bird, the Guarda Barranca.  See how its tail is a thin "string" that has a feathered tip?  Isn't it spectacular?!  Good one, God.  I feel so blessed to have seen it with my very own eyes.


  1. miss you!!! can't wait to hear all about the last month!!! :) any more dead chickens??!

  2. What a beautiful bird... I love birds! We have had Painted Buntings here for the past two years and BTW... Love your comment "Good one God"! Indeed, all that He has created is only the tip of all that He has for us in eternity!

    Love to you and Tedd!

  3. Kacee: thankfully no dead chickens (that I had to witness, anyway), but the folks out in Liquia slaughtered a fattened calf & a lamb for the teams that came! (Just like the old days)

    Aunt Marti: Thanks! And I'm gonna have to look up "Painted Buntings"


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