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Shall We Gather At the River?

Tedd, Emily W, & I decided to go with a church group up to the nearby waterfall two Sundays ago to witness several teenagers being baptized! Getting there was half the fun!  The scenery is beautiful, and we had to hike through creeks and up muddy trails to get the waterfalls.  We took the puppies, and they had an awesome time!! Velloso was a pro at crossing the creeks, and Annabelle wanted to go anywhere that Velloso went, so we had to keep a closer eye on her so she wouldn't get swept away by the currents. Hanging out by the waterfall... By the time we got there, the puppy was completely tuckered out!
Emily W. Holding "the baby" while I watched the baptisms.  (She was exhausted and cold). Standing by the waterfall with Pastor Sergio.  
It was one of those really great days - great weather, great people, great fun!

Secret's Out...

Maybe we'll get a St. Patrick's Day baby?

(we are so stinkin' thrilled and praisin' the Lord!)


that's English for "Quesillos," a delicious plate full of cheese and cream and salsa...sound heavy?  Yes.  Yes, it is. But, surprisingly, amazing. Quesillos are very Nicaraguan, so if you ever come here, please, try one! Here are our best fake smiles, but really, we're seriously happy to be eating these after a long day's work! our buddy, Emily W. cheeeeese! chase it down with a Coke. I went a little overboard and ordered a second.  This is my "I'm sorry guys, I shouldn't have done that" face.  But I ate it anyway :-)
I didn't make this in the "kitchen" of course, so I'm getting a little off-track by featuring random Nicaraguan food, but that's about all I can come up with these days.  Otherwise, you'd be seeing recipe after recipe of rice. and. beans.

Emily Squared

Well guys, we're back.

I don't know why I've been so out of the blog world.  I love blogging.  I've been distracted lately, I guess.

So I'll catch up a bit here.  First of all, we went back the US.  I let myself enjoy every single day of that 3 week "break" and when it was time to come back to Nicaragua, I don't think I was really quite ready.

But, nevertheless, July 12th came and it was time to return to "our mission."  One thing that made the transition a little easier was a visitor.  Emily!  This, of course, had folks here really amused.

Emily jumped right in and joined us on some unique adventures.  For example, her very first day here was spent going to Liquia.  We couldn't get a truck in time, so I gave up my seat on the motorcycle and Tedd took her with him to the class that day...
and they're off!
It was a bright sunny day, when suddenly, about the time Tedd & Em would be starting the literacy class, it started to rain here…

The Nicaraguan ABCs: H is for...

Hang in there!

I've gotta preface this one a bit, but stay with me...
(and sorry I don't have any pictures to illustrate this story, but maybe you'll read it anyway?)

So we were in the States for 3 weeks starting at the end of June.  I did something I shouldn't have.  You see, when we got on the airplane to leave Managua, and the movie came on (I think it was "When in Rome" - very cheesy), and I started sipping Ginger-ale on ice...I took a deep breath and checked out of Nicaragua.

I checked out physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and all those other "ally"s and completely surrendered myself back to my homeland, my family, my friends, my comforts, and really good food, and meanwhile I stuffed Nicaragua in some old box up in the attic.

So after a fantastic, and fast, 3 weeks in the States, we were packing up to go back to Nicaragua.  "Are you excited to go back?" my dad asked me the night before we left, "ummm...well.…

The Best 4th of July Ever...

Could it be?  Maybe I've just forgotten other 4th-of-Julys, but this one was just so darn swell.

A full day of competitive volleyball in the pool with friends and family, grilled chicken, bratwursts, and homemade ice cream on the menu, sitting under the pergola and watching the neighbor's was a great day. (And all after being out of the country for 4 months, so the homecoming only made it sweeter!)