July 29, 2010

Emily Squared

Well guys, we're back.

I don't know why I've been so out of the blog world.  I love blogging.  I've been distracted lately, I guess.

So I'll catch up a bit here.  First of all, we went back the US.  I let myself enjoy every single day of that 3 week "break" and when it was time to come back to Nicaragua, I don't think I was really quite ready.

But, nevertheless, July 12th came and it was time to return to "our mission."  One thing that made the transition a little easier was a visitor.  Emily!  This, of course, had folks here really amused.

Emily jumped right in and joined us on some unique adventures.  For example, her very first day here was spent going to Liquia.  We couldn't get a truck in time, so I gave up my seat on the motorcycle and Tedd took her with him to the class that day...
and they're off!

It was a bright sunny day, when suddenly, about the time Tedd & Em would be starting the literacy class, it started to rain here in town.  One thing about Nicaragua: when it rains, it sure can POUR!  I looked out the window at the rushing water racing down the street, that had collected in only minutes, and thought to myself, "they aren't gonna make it back tonight."  You see, to get out to Liquia, you have to cross several creeks, and if it rains hard, they fill up fast, and they can be dangerous...

So they stayed in Liquia.  They stayed there and drank boiled water, ate chicken soup, Tedd slept on a bench, Emily slept with an elder's daughter, they used the outhouse, they didn't have any change of clothes or toothbrushes.  Em really toughed it out.

The next day, the rain had cleared, the creeks had gone down again, and they were on their way back to town (I had spent the night alone with the pups).  Unfortunately, there was a really big rock that Tedd didn't see as he was crossing a creek, and the motorcycle tipped sideways and filled up with water.
Emily Willard & Tedd on their epic hike home (towel used for shade - they didn't pack sunscreen!)

Tedd and Emily then had to push the motorcycle up-hill to the nearest house and hike home several miles.  Poor Em.  Poor Tedd.  Poor worried little me.

But finally they showed up at the door, on foot, no motorcycle, wet and sunburned.  It was a happy reunion.  That was just day 1 and 2 of Emily's trip to Nicaragua...

The next day we borrowed a truck and picked up the moto - here I am loading it up...
Just kiddin!  I was really just trying to help tie it down.  In this picture, Tedd was testing my tie-down job and laughing...


  1. I love reading your views on all these happenings! I was cracking up!

  2. Tedd and his knots! What an adventure!

    These are the days that stretch our faith and really allow us to see God working.


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