that's English for "Quesillos," a delicious plate full of cheese and cream and salsa...sound heavy?  Yes.  Yes, it is.
But, surprisingly, amazing.
Quesillos are very Nicaraguan, so if you ever come here, please, try one!
Here are our best fake smiles, but really, we're seriously happy to be eating these after a long day's work!
our buddy, Emily W.
chase it down with a Coke.
I went a little overboard and ordered a second.  This is my "I'm sorry guys, I shouldn't have done that" face.  But I ate it anyway :-)

I didn't make this in the "kitchen" of course, so I'm getting a little off-track by featuring random Nicaraguan food, but that's about all I can come up with these days.  Otherwise, you'd be seeing recipe after recipe of rice. and. beans.


  1. They were so good, too! We laughed a lot there, and people were staring at us taking pictures. :)
    -Em W.


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