Secret's Out...

Maybe we'll get a St. Patrick's Day baby?

(we are so stinkin' thrilled and praisin' the Lord!)


  1. BAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    SOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Babies are THE BEST (well, after husbands, that is!) :)

  2. Okay, this must be one of eight!!!!! So very happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you ever come near Aiken, SC, you always have a place to stay!!!!!


  3. That is so exciting for you!!!


  4. Congrats :-) So excited for you two!

  5. Tedd & Emmmmmm!!!!!! I am SO excited to hear your news!!! Julia got to spill the beans at the Staff mtg. Wish you had been there to give our hugs & our shouts of joy to. Wish we could give you congrats by phone, at least. This is such good, good news and we want to be his or her unofficial aunties and uncles. love you!!!!
    Laura G.


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