Shall We Gather At the River?

Tedd, Emily W, & I decided to go with a church group up to the nearby waterfall two Sundays ago to witness several teenagers being baptized!
Getting there was half the fun!  The scenery is beautiful, and we had to hike through creeks and up muddy trails to get the waterfalls.  We took the puppies, and they had an awesome time!!
Velloso was a pro at crossing the creeks, and Annabelle wanted to go anywhere that Velloso went, so we had to keep a closer eye on her so she wouldn't get swept away by the currents.
Hanging out by the waterfall...
By the time we got there, the puppy was completely tuckered out!

Emily W.
Holding "the baby" while I watched the baptisms.  (She was exhausted and cold).
Standing by the waterfall with Pastor Sergio.  

It was one of those really great days - great weather, great people, great fun!


  1. Such a great time! I really enjoyed it there.
    (I've just now found all these posts, so I'm going to comment on them all...ha...)

  2. Wow! Annabelle got so big!

    Sounds like a great day.


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