Getting Ready for Baby

So...Tedd & I moved to Nicaragua March 1, 2010.  The Queen is pretty much just sitting there in the meantime waiting for us to come home like a sad little puppy.  (At least she's got the Prince to keep her company).

She's had a little bit of work done while we've been gone (thanks to my Uncle & our neighbor Tom), but she's still a big mess.

Now we've got a little one coming.  Our home, when we return from Nicaragua in November, is The Queen, but she's really in no condition for hosting a new family, so...basically...the pressure's on.  Late November to late February is our time frame and we've gotta get this gal fixed up!!  You think 3 months will do the trick??

No way we'll finish the whole house, but our plan is to tackle the following:

1.  Master Bedroom.  Focus areas: patches, paint, refinish floors, do something about the windows...

2.  Master Bathroom.  We at least need one working, clean bathroom.  Focus areas: patches, paint, refinish floors, do something about the windows, divide this big closet into a small closet & bathroom area, install toilet/sink/shower (and probably lots of other things I'm not thinking of yet - that's the "best" part about home renovation)...

3.  Kitchen.  Focus areas: drywall, cabinets, flooring, countertops, fixtures, appliances, patches, paint, lights, etc (this one will be the doozie)...

4.  Nursery!!  Focus areas: patch, prime (over graffiti - yes, graffiti), paint, finish floors, etc, etc, etc...

5.  The Laundry Room.  Focus areas: patch, sheetrock, patch floor, tile floor, add sink & toilet, lights, machines, etc.  If this room doesn't get finished, it's not the end of the world, so I guess you could say this one's optional.

Feeling overwhelmed for us?  

It's okay, deep breath!  We'll take it one little step at a time, and we may bribe some friends with some really good pizza in return for a paint day or two.  (Mmmmm...if I could only get my hands on a pizza right now!)

You may find comfort in knowing that some of the steps are already in progress, for example, the master bath is already divided and has a shower installed, and the kitchen already has some cabinets in the making and some sheetrock is already up.  

We're planning on taking some creative shortcuts, too.  Daring or Disastrous?  We'll see!  More to come!


  1. Hey - I have an idea!!Maybe you could have a work bee once y'all get back, us ladies could cook a nice dinner for the guys and everyone could have fun, food and fellowship :) Sounds like fun to me! From the look of things, maybe we could plan a few work bees ;)

  2. Oh Wow! Your house truly does excite me! So many fun projects! Hey, we are so excited for you both and for your coming baby! That is awesome! We would like to visit you guys and your house sometime too...maybe we can drop our kids off and help with some projects sometime as well!


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