August 30, 2010

Hotter'n Hell Hundred

Okay, so I'm really proud of my dad...

Upon arriving to Fort Smith, AR (USA), we spent the night at home and then headed out the next morning for the hotter'n hell hundred bike ride in Texas.  My dad had been training all summer for a one hundred mile bike route!  

We met up with my aunt, uncle, & cousins in Texas and had a great time touring the exhibits and eating great food.  That night, my dad had his numbers and gear ready to go so he could start the race early the next morning!  (Here's his jersey, hanging and ready to go)

On the day of the race, my mom & I were determined to catch my dad crossing the finish line.  Near the finish line were hundreds and hundreds of people!  I never realized what a huge event this was, but apparently over 15,000 people show up for this thing!  It was similar to a carnival set-up all around the finish line. 

My Uncle Craig finished the 100k (about 62 miles) in great time & his boys were there to greet him!

See, I wasn't kiddin' about the name!

I just thought this was really sweet!

and there he is!!!!

I could've cried I was so proud!  Can you imagine riding one hundred miles!?  (102 to be exact!)
I know it took so much perseverance and endurance.

5 hours, 28 minutes.  That's averaging 19 mph!! (and there was some tough wind that day)
He came in 26th place in his age group (out of 168 riders)
179th over all (out of 1177 riders!)

I am so so proud!

Eric & Julie, friends from church, on their sweet tandem bike!

and I love candids
(can you believe they're going to be grandparents?!)

I was so glad I could be there.

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