Telling Our Families the Big News

just another family dinner??

First of all, we were only in town for a few weeks, and after that, it'd be another month & a half before I'd see my family again (for Tedd, it would be more like 4 1/2 months).  So we wanted to take advantage of the face-to-face opportunity, despite the fact that we were only 5ish weeks and have had a miscarriage.  We valued their support before, so regardless of the outcome, we wanted to rejoice with them and treat this pregnancy with all the joy it deserves!

Sooo...thanks to my wonderful friend, Heather, we were able to capture the excitement, & here's how the night went down...

We were conveniently having a family dinner that night (planned by my parents, so there was nothing fishy about it), and we brainstormed ahead of time with Heather & John (Heather's hubby - our friend) about how we should break the news.  Tedd & I decided on a non-chalant, random approach...just go for it when the moment seems right.  

I was so nervous!  I can't explain it, but I was like a zombie the first half of the night.  I would normally be helping with setting the table, filling glasses, checking the oven, etc, but I all I could do was sit in a chair and stare off into space.  If I remember right, I was shaking.  I insisted that Tedd initiate the announcement, so every time he opened his mouth, I'd forget to breathe, and then he'd say something like: 

"Hey everybody..."

"What would y'all like to drink?"

(Gasp for air).  The suspense was killing me.  But I think it may have been getting to John even more...
(John is nervous; I am in la la land)

Finally, we gathered around the table and were about to pray.  For some reason though, somebody started goofing off and saying cheers!  So we all played along and started clinking glasses.  Then Tedd chimed in:

"I'd like to make a toast,"

(he paused - everyone smiled in anticipation, waiting for some cheesy joke, I'm sure :-)

" the fact that Emily & I are pregnant."
You mean I'm gonna be a Great-Grandma!?
My Papa Jack & Aunt Kristin (and Grammy giving Tedd a hug)

sweet cousin Camden giving me a big hug!
After dinner, we went outside for some family photos...
Me & my beautiful momma!
(I know, I know, she looks way too young to be a grandma, but trust me, I'd be waitin' around forever if I wait for this gal to look old!)
Candids are my favorites :-)
Dad (Poppy?), Mom (Nonnie?), Daddy-to-be, Momma-to-be, & Uncle Evan!

and yay for friendship!


I totally regret not having any pictures of the following, but the story is just as special to us:
Tedd's family lives near Philadelphia, and we will (finally!) get to see them in September, but there was no. way. we would be able to keep it a secret that long!!  So it was wait, or Skype. 

So we dialed up the Lodii from my parents' living room, and we started chatting using Skype's video chat.  (We're so tech-o-no-log-i-cal like that :-)  So, here we were, as face-to-face as we could get, and we're doing some small talk, when suddenly Tedd blurts out, 

"Speaking of which," (I don't remember of which we were speaking)...we're pregnant!"

Eyes got big & they both leaned toward the screen with excitement- that's when we captured all the joy in their faces (go video chat!), and they were thrilled.  Coincidentally, Tedd's brother Grant called on the shore phone soon after & Tedd's parents held up the phone to the computer so we could tell Grant too!  It was a very special moment and so cool.  We can't wait for some good all-natural (non-digital) hugs and kisses from the Lodii come September - it's going to be a special time for the Lodes families!

So, those are our stories of how we spilled the beans about our "little bean" (as they say); we couldn't ask for better support and encouragement from our families, and we're so thankful for them!


  1. excited for you. When are you due? How long have your parents known? Thanks for posting the story. So sweet. I can only imagine how excited your parents are. Congratulations. Many blessings! Hollye Dickinson

  2. Due March 13th, 2011 :-) Parents have known for about a month now. They're very excited! Thanks, Hollye!

  3. I JUST GOT THE LETTER!!!!!!! I'M SOO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!! I started jumping around like a little girl!!!! Love you both & can't wait to see you.

  4. so cool! so many miles away i can feel the joy and excitement in your hearts. what an Awesome Abba we have!

  5. the PERFECT COUPLE to have a child together! you two are going to be the best parents anyone could have, the whole kirk fam is beyond excited for you two!

  6. I want to tell you congrats a million times my friend!! Reading this post made me have that "how in the world do I tell you this" feeling all over again. uhhh...;) Thanks for sharing the moment in words and pictures. It's so special that you were able to visit. Maybe we'll get to see you soon...we'll pray that it'll happen soon!!

  7. How happy! Congratulations! I love that y'all were able to capture "the spilling of the beans" in photos.

  8. This is the most emotional post ever! :) CONGRATULATIONS!

    Btw, lovely t-shirt!!!


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