August 1, 2010

Trip to the Homeland

We had a wOnderful 3 weeks in the USA!  In fact, such a wonderful time that I had a difficult time readjusting when it was time to return to Nicaragua.  

Man o man, I was in food paradise!  I had lasagna, dozens of salads, pizza, steak, bratwursts, grilled chicken, thai food (YES!), homemade ice cream (YES!!), root beer, baked goodies, chicken salad sandwiches on croissant rolls, homegrown tomatoes, squash casserole, broccoli, cheese bread, and all kinds of yummy American snacks...


BUT, the joy began when I saw these guys...

  I was SOOOO happy to see my family!!!!!!

Later I got to see some of my pals and enjoy all the activities surrounding Rachel's wedding.  It was beautiful!
Rachel's rehearsal dinner
L-R: moi, Amber, Rachel, Christa, & Trena

My hubby looked soooo handsome.  I was a bridesmaid, he was an usher, and we sang/played together for the wedding - I love singing with him!

Oh Happy Day!

There were lots of family get-togethers.  Our friend Shoko (right) joined us for lunch that day.

Kunal visits for 4th of July

4th of July rocked!!  
Our friends Kunal & Brent were in town.  We played volleyball in the pool all day with my Dad & brother, and then ate an awesome dinner under the pergola that night while watching the fireworks.

The majority of our time in the US was spent in Tulsa, OK teaching a segment of the ILTI.  
It was an amazing time of fellowship with people from all over the world!

and then, toward the end of our trip, we had a wonderfully pleasant surprise...

I knew I wouldn't see my family again for another month and a half (and I would be by myself), so it was now or never - we decided to tell them before we headed back to Nicaragua.  Post about that coming soon...

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