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Annabelle's Growing Up!

Our little Annie-belle is growing up so fast! June 2010 - about 1 month old
September 2010 - 4 months

(I guess you could say we're into "baby-wearing")

Baby Update

So, some of you have requested some baby bump pictures, and I have a couple here for you, now that there’s actually a bit of a bump happening.

I don’t have any "before" pictures, but my waist was 27 inches pre-pregnancy and I was about 127 pounds.  I haven’t measured my waist recently, but Tedd & I both agree that I definitely have a bump that wasn’t there before (so exciting!), and last time I weighed in, I was 132 pounds.  That gives me a good 5 pounds of weight-gain in the first trimester (thanks to low-levels of morning sickness & a healthy appetite)...
So there are the numbers for you, and here are the pictures to catch up a bit: 11 weeks
12 weeks (at my first appointment)
...and I missed the 13 weeks picture, so here's 14 weeks And in other news, I’m going to try and post some pregnancy updates more frequently now since  I’m officially in the 2nd trimester!  
Baby's now the size of a lemon!  (14 weeks)I had a dream this week that we had a baby girl...hmmm...Foo…

Happy 50th Anniversary!

My Papa Jack & Grammy have been married for 50 years! Wow!  Don't they look great?
My parents threw a lovely party for the family to celebrate... 
The gorgeous Heather Paul (also a best friend since the 6th grade) was hired as the party planner and did a fantastic job - everyone was raving.
the beautiful table! Grammy & Papa on their wedding day in the framed picture of the left.  A beautiful gold-pearl cake and over there on the right is their original cake topper!
It was a great time to see close family & friends!   We hugged, visited, laughed, looked at pictures from the past, and ate great food.
Grammy hugging my Aunt Kristin
My Great Aunt Marti (Grammy's sister), Aunt Kristin (my momma's sister), Grammy, & my mom
My momma & Grammy
and of course, the kiddoshad to take a swim!
We took advantage of the whole family being together and took some snapshots...

My family (sans Sara)
Evan & I with Papa Jack & Grammy (Evan's awesome hair will be donated to Lock…

I heard our baby's heartbeat!

Tedd's back in Nicaragua & I'm in the States for a few days.  Finally the day I had been waiting for first prenatal appointment!  So my mom, Grammy, and I hopped in the car to drive to Siloam Springs to shop, have lunch, and then see the midwife.  
at the midwife's office
I measured exactly 12 weeks.  Baby is about the size of a lime now.

It was a pretty routine check-up, but the highlight was finally finally getting to hear the heartbeat.  The midwife used a doppler and the first few minutes, searching for the heartbeat, felt like forever, but finally I heard a fast swishing was our baby's heart beating!!!  

Did I cry?  I felt really awkward with four people in the room watching for my was so much pressure (in my mind, and to no one's fault, of course) that I felt too shy express my emotions freely and I held in the tears.  I did, however, take off in a fit of giggles when I laughed with joy and then it made a terrible loud …