Happy 50th Anniversary!

My Papa Jack & Grammy have been married for 50 years!  
Wow!  Don't they look great?

My parents threw a lovely party for the family to celebrate... 

The gorgeous Heather Paul (also a best friend since the 6th grade) was hired as the party planner and did a fantastic job - everyone was raving.

the beautiful table!
Grammy & Papa on their wedding day in the framed picture of the left.  A beautiful gold-pearl cake and over there on the right is their original cake topper!

It was a great time to see close family & friends!  
We hugged, visited, laughed, looked at pictures from the past, and ate great food.

Grammy hugging my Aunt Kristin

My Great Aunt Marti (Grammy's sister), Aunt Kristin (my momma's sister), Grammy, & my mom

My momma & Grammy

and of course, the kiddos had to take a swim!

We took advantage of the whole family being together and took some snapshots... 

My family (sans Sara)

Evan & I with Papa Jack & Grammy
(Evan's awesome hair will be donated to Locks of Love in a couple of months)

One of my favorite parts of the event was late at night after the majority of the guests had left and the rest of us piled on the couches, popped some popcorn, and watched Grammy & Papa's old films using their original screen & projector.  It was so neat!  The smell of the screen, the sound of the film projector, and cuddling up next to my little cousin Camden (while we shared popcorn) was so special & nostalgic.  

"Jack, can you believe that was fifty years ago?" - Grammy

Sigh.  May the Lord bless them with many more years of a happy & healthy marriage.  I pray, if the Lord doesn't come back first, that Tedd & I will have that many years, and more, to be together!


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