I heard our baby's heartbeat!

Tedd's back in Nicaragua & I'm in the States for a few days.  Finally the day I had been waiting for arrived...my first prenatal appointment!  So my mom, Grammy, and I hopped in the car to drive to Siloam Springs to shop, have lunch, and then see the midwife.  
at the midwife's office
I measured exactly 12 weeks.  Baby is about the size of a lime now.

It was a pretty routine check-up, but the highlight was finally finally getting to hear the heartbeat.  The midwife used a doppler and the first few minutes, searching for the heartbeat, felt like forever, but finally I heard a fast swishing sound...it was our baby's heart beating!!!  

Did I cry?  I felt really awkward with four people in the room watching for my reaction...it was so much pressure (in my mind, and to no one's fault, of course) that I felt too shy express my emotions freely and I held in the tears.  I did, however, take off in a fit of giggles when I laughed with joy and then it made a terrible loud noise in the doppler speaker, and from there I couldn't stop giggling b/c the noise was so awful every time I laughed!

I'm so relieved and I'm so in awe that there's a miraculous child growing inside of me.  I'm so thankful to God for this wonderful miracle!!  I called Tedd right away to tell him the good news and he's equally thrilled!  I can't begin to write into words all of the emotions we're experiencing, but I can say that we are truly grateful to the Creator of life and full of joy!


  1. I would have totally cried :) I can only imagine how amazing that would be! I'm praying for your family, so happy/excited/exstatic for you Em

  2. Oh that is so awesome Em!!! I love hearing (and seeing) the heartbeat for the first time!

  3. Tears of joy are always sweet in our Master's ears.. Cry away dear one!! We are soooo thrilled for you!! Can't wait to see you!!


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