18 weeks

Sorry I don't have a head in these pictures...

I guess that's a little weird...

18 weeks

I'm still in awe that I'm pregnant.  Something about the miscarriage last year, all of those irregular cycles & concerns about my fertility, all those months and months of waiting for the right time, and all those negative pregnancy tests...this pregnancy makes me feel like I've won a lottery.

But it wasn't luck.

This child is such a gift.  This baby is an answer to a prayer - a heart-felt, tear-filled, honest plea.  God is so good and merciful.  I'm in awe and so so thankful.


  1. It's true every time a baby is conceived...but sometimes we're more powerfully aware of it. :) I think pregnancy is one of the coolest things ever--and I'm very excited to meet the littlest Lodes someday soon. And you are so tiny!

  2. Emily, children are one of God's greatest gifts. I can never be thankful enough for all of mine and my grandchildren. Enjoy this time.

  3. YAY I love baby bumps :) Praying still...

  4. Congratulations, Em!! (and to your husband!)

    You were very near where I live on your second trip to the states (I think). Maybe someday we'll get to meet?!

    I hope the last 6 weeks of your mission are wonderful! :)

  5. Em, How nice to have a baby bump. When we were just married a year, the docs told us we couldn't conceive but I wanted to experience the whole nine yards---morning sickness, getting a tummy,and most of all, comparing notes with my girlfriends. I once went to a Bible study where every single lady was pregnant at the same time! There is SO much to be thankful for-Enjoy this time & praise the Lord who daily loads us with benefits!!! love, Laura

  6. Em, this picture is beautiful in every way. Praise the Lord!!


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