19 weeks

Funny thing...when Tedd showed me the pictures he was taking of my belly last night, I asked him "is that really how I look?"  Every picture looked like I was sticking my belly out, but I knew I wasn't.  I was practicing good posture and trying to hold my stomach muscles in a really natural way so the picture would be a realistic depiction, and not exaggerated.  I guess I'm really pregnant, huh?

(oh, and pardon my hairy gorilla arms)

And a few little updates:
As far as names go, we're stuck.  We've narrowed them down to about three and we literally cannot decide.  Good thing we've got plenty of time.

Baby boy's kicking and rolling around in there and I can feel him for sure now.  I LOVE it!  Tedd's been able to feel him too!  Something we've really enjoyed is when he stretches out and we can feel his feet poking really hard through my abdomen...Tedd described it as feeling like "the end of a broomstick."  

And next week, we're half way there!!  This has been so much fun!


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