20 weeks

Baby's about the length of a banana now (from head to heel; 10 inches) and he can hear!  That makes me so happy to think he can hear our voices (it makes me think twice when I start whining), and Tedd's been talking to him frequently ("Hi baby, it's me, your daddy!").  I've tried to take more time to worship when I'm at home during the day, too, knowing that he can hear me singing.  20 weeks!!  That means we're HALF WAY!  Woah.
Speaking of half-way, I've made it half-way through the alphabet in my little "series," The Nicaraguan ABCs.  I've been choosing an object or theme for each letter of the alphabet that sort of gives a glimpse of what my life has been like these past 8 months in Nicaragua...like "C is for Chicken," which describes my first experience making chicken for lunch, from scratch...starting with the live chicken!


By the way, if you haven't voted yet, there's a poll with our top 8 baby names there in the right-hand column!  Tedd has a name picked out and I have a name picked out, but unfortunately, they're not the same :-), so we're still a little undecided and asking for feedback in the meantime just for fun! 


  1. well, maybe you will be surprised with twins and then you can use both names :-)


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