Baby Lodes Gender Reveal


  1. Aww! Congratulations! I know for a fact that boys are super fun! :)

  2. Congratulations! He's gonna be a cutie! :-)

  3. Oh man...I was wrong! BUT I'm glad you're having a boy...they are SUPER SUPER fun!

  4. Keep the updates coming and CONGRATS!!! I guess you are able to get all of the care you need even though your out of the states. Is that hard at times? - Audrey Grubbs

  5. Woo-hoo! Elijah will be so excited to have a little Lodes buddy!

  6. Hey Emily,
    I just want say that your blog has totally blessed me!Uh...why? Because the docs told me that we couldn't have kids (that was like 1982.) and so I love to read about what it's like to be pregnant..all the ins and outs (not talking about your belly button, Em) It's just so good to know from you what it's like!! So thank you, thank you. I'm enjoying your take on pregnancy and motherhood. I just rejoice with you more & more, really!-looking forward to holding this little guy!! lots of love & hugs,LauraJ


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