Back in the Groove

Yikes!  I haven't been posting over here in awhile!  Maybe it's because I couldn't think of an "I" word for my cheesy alphabet series?  I better hurry up though!  I've only got 6 weeks left to finish the alphabet!

Well, since my last post, I was in Nicaragua from July to late August, and then with a small one-weeker in the States around my birthday, and then back to Nicaragua for a couple weeks and then back to the US for my brother-in-law's wedding, and then back to Nicaragua....

did I lose you?

in case I did lose you, I'm in Nicaragua.

Tedd and I have gotten back into the groove now that we've been back for a few days.  We dusted two weeks worth of dust off our stuff (about the equivalent of 6 months worth of dust in an average home States-side) along with the mouse poo; we disinfected, re-organized, and started our classes back up.

Today there's fresh laundry hanging out to dry in the sun and it's blowing around in the breeze - I just love that!  Sigh, living here isn't so bad.

One night this week, we made home-made spaghetti sauce, and after slurping up a big plate of spaghetti, we laid in the hammocks in the living room, pointed the fan our way, lit the oil lamp, turned out the lights, and talked, just me & my sweetheart, with the pups loyally at our sides.  What great times!  

And speaking of pups.  Annabelle decided to stop biting us all the time and her new thing is cuddling with us on the bed.  I guess she discovered that the soft mattress and the fan and her doting "parents" are way better than sleeping on the floor?  We like her new cuddle phase.  The biting phase was getting old.

Thankful for the small things...


  1. Mouse poo...nice. We've had a few mice, but you can probably guess what's happened with them. :) We don't have to go the funeral home to find traps...haha. (Or not to find them, in that case.) And Annabelle is so big! Wow! Glad she's being so sweet now...that's precious. She's growing up!
    -Em W.

  2. Yay for spaghetti and late-night talks. I love those moments.

    And Annabelle IS getting big! I thought she was Velloso. Glad you're back and enjoying life.


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