Hey, Baby - What's Your Name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Isn't that so true?  What if a rose were called a "Snooklegump" or a "pwinkytoof?"  (yes...I did just make those up off the top of my head - sign me up, Dr. Seuss)  Even if a rose were called something really bizarre, it would still be the same beautiful fragrant flower that it is.  It's the other way around too, though.  If puke were called "fluffy-snuggles" it wouldn't make puke any less disgusting.

It's my opinion that it is primarily the person that makes the name, and the name isn't as powerful as we give it credit for.  That said, names can be weighty.  It would stink if your kid is shy and homely and on top of all that, his name is Gaylord.  (Not that we would ever admit that our kid is homely, right?)  (and, uh, no offense if your kid's name is Gaylord)

I've hesitated to do this, but I'm making myself vulnerable here and sharing "the list."  We've secretly narrowed these down to about two or three, but I'm giving you the top 8 to get some feedback...won't it be fun??

Now I know, right off the bat, that some of these may make you raise an eyebrow, so some of the feedback won't come as much of a surprise to me.  Zion?  Yes, Zion.  But go ahead and vote!  I'd love to get my readers involved in the name game!  

(Oh, and so you know, our last name is "Lodes;" sounds like "Lotus"...something that may affect your vote, perhaps)

Check out the poll there in the right-hand column and choose a name (or two, or three, or four??) that you like!


  1. Hi Emily, I have a question. Where do you live. I LOVE THE QUEEN!
    From, Emma

  2. Tedd & Em--Yeah! for your sweet baby boy that we'll all see one day & jump for joy!! I was amazed that 'Ian' got the top spot! It just seemed like a good fit to me! I loved reading your marriage story-Al & I were like that--we just KNEW that we were supposed to be a pair. It just gets better-n-better all the time. This year is our 30th. You all have amazing parents, too! much, much love, Laura Jean

  3. Personally, I really like the name Zion. No raised eyebrows here. :) I'm curious as to what criteria y'all used when narrowing it down to these eight. It looks like the bottom five are Biblical names, and then the top three - well, I don't remember reading about any Owens running around Jerusalem. So are the ones on the bottom Biblical just because they happen to be, or did you make a list based on the meanings of the names, or the origins, or . . .

    I have always loved names and find it interesting to hear about the why and how behind parents' naming decisions. :)

  4. Hey Laura Jean! Wow, your 30th already?? That's so awesome - congratulations!

    Rebekah - I really like the name Zion too, so thanks!! How we chose these names? Weeeell...Tedd always liked Owen, and it grew on me; I think that one was just a "we just like it," name. Biblical names are a bonus to us, but not mandatory...I really like the idea of a Bible name, but one that's not overused. Theo is sort of a spin off of Tedd and I think it's ultra-chic, but apparently it's not to other ppl :-) lol Ian is Tedd's middle name, and one of my favorite choices. Kai has no special meaning, I just like the sound of it and the feel of it with our last name. So it's a bit random. There was no huge standard we went by. I'm fascinated by names, too! Thanks for asking!

  5. oh, and Ian means gift from God, and so does Theo, and those are big bonuses to us since we feel this baby was a specific answer to prayer. :-)


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