The Nicaraguan ABCs: M is for...


This is our motorcyle.  Here it’s called a “moto.”  We use it to get to literacy classes, because Liquia is an hour and 15 minutes away.  We started out borrowing other people’s motorcycles three days a week, but that got old reeeeeally fast, especially when other people’s motorcycles were breaking down on us and we’d get stuck (the road to Liquia is rough).  
We were trying to decide whether or not to buy our own motorcycle since it was a big investment of money.  Tedd kept bringing up the idea of riding horses out there (which made me want to cry at the thought of it, since it would take us hours to get out there and back…twice a week…for 8 months...please, no).  We were praying about it for a couple weeks when someone made a donation to our ministry account for almost the exact amount of a reliable motorcycle.  We hadn’t told anyone about our need.  Now, almost 8 months later, we’ve got just two more weeks to teach classes in Liquia, and the moto’s still running, and the students are reading…
Dear God,
Thank You for this motorcycle.  Thank You for protecting us all these months on our way to literacy classes and back.  Thank You for making a way out there (and for not making me ride a horse out there and back twice a week).  Thank You for always providing for our needs, and for Your purposes.  Thanks so much.  You’re awesome.
Em for Noise


  1. The Lord is so good to provide like that. :) That's been such a blessing to y'all.


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