Rice & Beans

I love blogging, but somehow it keeps getting bumped to the bottom of my priority list.  Sorry I've been so spotty when it comes to posting.

Honestly, I couldn't come up with a clever title, since "update" sounded really boring, so I've titled this post "Rice & Beans" because it's where my update begins...

I'm back to eating rice & beans here in Rio Blanco, Nicaragua.  This place is so bittersweet for me...I'll write a post about that some other time.  But truthfully, I missed the beans.

Where did we go?  Well, for the last half of September, Tedd & I went to the States to celebrate my brother-in-law's wedding day and spend some time with family.  I hadn't seen the Lodii since January this year!  To say it was a beautiful wedding would be an understatement.  It was held in Chicago at the Contemporary Art Museum, and we all stayed at the Ritz!  (I couldn't help but note that one week I'm sleeping in a little wooden house in the countryside of Nicaragua & the next I'm on a feather pillow at the Ritz!  I'm so blessed to have such a variety of experiences in my life!)  It was definitely the nicest wedding I've ever been to and the bride and groom were stunning!  I'm so happy for my brother-in-law; he's super crazy in love.

I didn't take many pictures, so some of these I nabbed off of facebook :-)

The "chair dance" at the reception!

Tedd & I after the rehearsal dinner

 A great view from the family suite at the Ritz

 TT & me

 The Groom, Tedd's brother Grant, with his parents.  It was a Jewish ceremony, so the men sported some very nice yarmulkes.

Some of the cousins.  Tedd & his two brothers on the left.

We spent time in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Chicago, and Florida over our two-week visit.  And you know I can't leave out the fact that we ate amazing food while were there.  Cheesesteaks, Anne Marie's brisket & baked mac, soft pretzels, italian hoagies, tons of fresh fruits and veggies, stuffed pizza, chicken, steak, salmon, homemade cheesecake, salads, Indian food, and Trader Joe's!!  (Huge Trader Joe's fan here).

Food's a big deal lately for me...yes, believe it or not, even more than before!  This baby's given me a big appetite lately.  In fact, being back in the States and all, I got on a scale & then took my measurements, and WOAH, Nellie!!
17 weeks

I've gained about 7 pounds now and I've grown 3 inches in the bust and 3 inches in the waist.  That's a lot of growing.  Baby's the size of a turnip now.  I'm not very familiar with turnips, but I know he/she's getting big.  Big enough now, in fact, to be feeling a little kickboxing action going on in there!  How awesome is that!?

I guess the next milestone is finding out the gender...
Whattaya think?  Is it a boy or a girl?

I can barely wait to find out!!


  1. Yay! I vote boy!! It seems like everyone we know has had boys ;) Or maybe it will be a little bundle of pink and surprise everyone :) Anyway, I never got a chance to say that we really enjoyed seeing you while you were here, and can't wait to see both (or should I say, all of you ;) ) God Bless! And keep the belly pics coming, love them!

  2. I have followed you to see the baby! Congratulations.
    ~ Emma at www.love2wink.blogspot.com


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