Shocking News

We got mail.

We got mail????  Are you for serious???

Long story short: Tedd's driver's license has expired since being out of the country, so he called about renewing it online, but he was told that he would have to fill out forms the old fashioned way... was worth a shot.  We honestly didn't think it would get here, because street names and numbers don't exist here, and because we've heard things take a long time to arrive or just "disappear" en route, but he went ahead and gave them our address just to give it a try, which is as follows (translated):

The English House
In Front of Pro-family (a clinic in town)
Rio Blanco, Matagalpa

That's like saying your address is "The big yellow house, behind the library, Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA" ...but, nonetheless, it showed up less than 2 weeks later!  Ha!


  1. I'm in complete shock!!! Granted everyone in Río Blanco does know where you two live! You are famous in Río Blanco!!!

  2. Wonders NEVER end..(When GOD is in control!)

  3. Too funny! And Tedd's "shocked face" cracks me up!
    -Em W.

  4. That's awesome!!! We're still waiting on a package from last October :) Needless to say we're not really 'waiting' anymore. Figure someone in customs is really enjoying it :)


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