21 weeks

I'm one seriously happy chick!
How far along?  21 weeks (October 25th – October 31st)
Weight: don’t know! :-)  I don't have a scale here, but I feel heavier for sure & my arms/thighs/and rear-end are noticeably "thicker"
Maternity clothes? No, but I'm only wearing skirts now (drawstrings/elastic are my go-to's)
Stretch marks?  Not that I've noticed
Sleep?  Tons of it still!  (Sometimes upwards of 13 hours!)
Best moment this week? Nothing really exciting this week.  I'm just enjoying the baby's constant movement.  Lots of rolling around and kicking!  Oh, and finding out my iron levels are normal.
Food cravings: only a nagging craving for Coke (but I'm sure if I think about it for a minute, I could list off at least a dozen things I'd like to eat right now)
Gender: Boy! :-)
Belly button in or out? still an inny, but it's getting very shallow
Movement? lots of it!
What I miss?  family & friends in the US
Symptoms?  Just sleepy, but generally, things have been easy peasy
What I'm looking forward to: going home and picking out a name
Milestones: baby’s the length of a carrot
What I'm Learning: A lot...but one thing I've noticed lately is that my relationships here with women have strengthened significantly now that I'm pregnant.  The women here want to give me advice and talk about their pregnancies and what it's like to have children.  Having babies is universal, and it's something that women can relate to no matter what their background or culture.  I'm excited how pregnancy & babies will bridge gaps for me in the future as I travel.
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and in other random news...

We had a great time with our friends Roger & Rhonda and their sweet kiddos this weekend!  
Velloso was very happy to have some new pals around...

And a cool pic of Annabelle doing her "soooo big!" trick.
(How big is Annabelle?)

And today I woke up to flowers & clean laundry - complete with a love note.  What a stud!  Seriously, though, this made my day and had me near tears.  I'm so so thankful for this man!

And even more news...

We've got less than two weeks left in Rio Blanco before we head back to the USA.  It's very bittersweet for me.  We have to leave our puppies, and they're family, so that's going to be very difficult.  We have friends here that will be hard to leave also, of course, but I can't help but feel like there are friends & then our families in the US that I miss too, so there's just so much to look forward to that I don't feel sad.  Not yet, at least.  I'm sure I'll have a few good cries before we take off.

We finish classes this week for both literacy & English, followed by the certificate presentations this weekend, and then we'll be packing and selling all our Nica belongings the following week.  I'm honestly wanting to just hurry up and get it all over with, but I'm sure the time will fly from here on out!  

Tedd & I have plans to do a "debrief" upon returning to the US.  We'd like to dedicate time to purposefully reflect on our 8 months in Nicaragua and all that we've learned, so we don't hit the ground running and let all of our experiences here fall through the cracks.  I'm also so incredibly thankful b/c we've planned a "babymoon" just before we're home for Thanksgiving.  It'll be our first "real" vacation since our honeymoon and I feel certain we'll be so happy we did something special, just the two of us, before we become parents for life.

I've been blogging a ton lately (as you may have noticed) since I'm no longer making the 2 hour round-trip to literacy classes during the week...it's by motorcycle and it's bumpy and requires 2 miles of hiking in rain boots once we arrive...just too uncomfortable for me at this point.  So housework and blogging have been my world lately.  I'm trying to find contentment during this season and trying to spend time with the Lord (since I've definitely got time on my hands).  It's been an interesting couple of weeks here for me lately.  I hope that I'll be able to process it all.

Alright.  Much love to you & thanks for tuning in!

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