22 Weeks

Whew!  Suddenly my two-week countdown 'til we leave Rio Blanco has turned into 4 days!  And I'm pooped already from packing and trying to price and organize everything in our house to sell tomorrow in Rio Blanco's first-ever "patio sale."  On top of all that, we're running around tying up loose ends and saying bye and getting-together one last time with friends and families...you know how it goes.

So this week, I give you an action shot.  This was taken on Sunday out in Liquia after our graduation ceremony (more to come on that).  This is not a flattering picture of me (why do I hold my hands like that??), but it's a belly shot, nonetheless :-)

everyone wanted a picture with us, and with our camera...lol

I see myself in pictures these days and I can't believe it's me...I don't feel that big.  There's not a lot of new news to tell as far as the pregnancy goes, but you can be sure I'll keep you updated ;-)

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