23 weeks

It's been a long week.  Tedd and I are back in the USA now and it was very emotionally and physically stretching to leave our Nicaraguan home.   Tomorrow we're going on our "babymoon" and taking time to debrief - a time to reflect on and process the last 8 months and all that we've learned.  While I'm very excited about the actual vacation, I also feel really good about taking time for just the "two" of us to process and rest.

So here's my big belly at the airport on Tuesday morning...
This weekend Tedd and I decided to actually watch my belly to see if we could see our baby boy kicking, and sure enough my belly was rolling and jerking as he kicked!!  It was soooo cool; I could just watch it for hours.  

Another sweet moment baby and I had together this week was when I woke up in the middle of the night startled.  I suppose he was startled too, because he was wide awake and kicking harder than usual.  I started singing to him and he gradually slowed down and stopped moving, and we both fell back to sleep.  I love that he can be soothed by my voice even in the womb; it really helps me bond with him.

And other random tidbits: this week was a cranky one for me with all the stress of moving, at one point I punched a door and yelled "I want to eat!"  lol

Lots and lots of naps, I'm feeling huge, I'm an eating machine, I have scar tissue over my belly button from an appendectomy that's been causing discomfort as my belly stretches, and today I shopped for maternity clothing!
maternity shopping at a really sweet thrift store in FL

There's so much for me to process.  While I've been waiting for this week to come, for us to finally be back "home," it was much harder to leave Nicaragua than I imagined.  I've cried several times just because of leaving our dogs - they were like our children.  Several of our friends have already called us since we've been back in the States and we're really going to miss them.  Being back is a bit surreal, knowing we're done in Nicaragua, but I think we'll be able to transition well with these next few days of rest. 

(P.S.  I shaved my legs)

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