25 weeks & Baby's Name!

Little Ian and I

Tedd and I finally took our narrowed-down list of Owen/Theo/Ian and thought long and hard to make a final decision.  There were several factors involved, but Ian came out on top again and again.  Ian is Tedd's middle name, means "God is gracious" or "believer," and is a form of John (my dad's name and Tedd's grandfather's name).  So Ian is the winner!  His middle name is tentatively "Walsh" (cool family name on T's side), but we're tossing around the idea of Ian Patrick if he's born on St. Patty's Day.

Thanks for voting, everyone, it was really fun to see how the general public felt about our name choices, and while we didn't pick Ian based on the poll (yeah, sorry :-), it's great to know it's your favorite!

I had a couple of firsts this weekend; I shopped for baby clothes for the first time, and bought my first pair of maternity jeans.  First of all, maternity jeans rock - 'nuf said.  Secondly, I ooh'd and ahh'd at baby clothes for hours without making a single purchase, but I couldn't resist these short-alls and little whales onesie from Carter's (half off!).  Looks like a great outfit for the Jersey shore this summer with T's fam, don't you think?
Am I seriously going to have a baby?  As I held up little onesies this weekend, I started tearing up and just barely resisted the urge to lay the onesie over my shoulder and sway and hug it, imagining a baby boy in my arms.  Little by little, this is all becoming real to me.

Oh, and before I sign off...Today there's a really great coupon at Snapfish for photo gifts (looking for a Christmas gift?).  30% off all gifts AND free shipping!  Each year I print an anniversary photo book for Tedd & I when there's a good deal going - I got a $35 book (shipping and all) sent to me for $20!  Sweet!  Coupon Code is: SHIPNSAVE and you have to order before midnight tonight.

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