I Have Hairy Legs

Just keepin' it real :-)

The majority of the ladies here where I live (in Nicaragua) don't shave their legs...why bother?  No one seems to mind; it's what everyone's used to.  Many of them even have hairy armpits (gasp!)

At first it's a bit shocking when you see a lady in a sleeveless shirt hanging on to the overhead rails of the bus.  It's quite a curiosity for us Americans (at least for most of us, I'd say) to see a woman with hairy legs & armpits, but would you believe I'm so used to it now that I barely notice??

I remember 5 years back in Guatemala when I saw a woman sporting a skirt with really hairy legs, and I tried to stare every chance I got...it was so bizarre to me.  But now I'm so used to it that I'll barely notice when I haven't shaved my own legs in over a month. (blush)

Not only do I forget sometimes, but I often just don't feel like it.  Yes, that's right, I do it on purpose.  I promise I'm not the hippy type (though maybe my friends would disagree???), but it's amazing how spending time in another culture will desensitize you and make you realize how silly some of our own cultural standards are.  I mean, who really cares if you have hair on your legs or not?  Why does it even matter?

Okay, the main reason I neglect to shave them is because I have to take bucket showers using cold spring water that comes from the local mountains...sounds quaint and refreshing, but it's not.  It's just cold.  Sometimes I whimper when it's time to take a shower.  When I think of it ahead of time, I boil a pot of water to add to the cold water so it takes the bite off, but usually I just use the cold stuff, and it's a race to get out, so shaving my legs falls off the priority list.

Oh, and because I'm too lazy to do it.  That's the other reason.

aaaaaaand....that's the end of my story.  there.  i (currently) have hairy legs.  i am rebelling against cultural norms and it feels good.  the end.
oh, but I still shave my armpits, just in case you were wondering. (I'm a cowardly rebel)

and, no...I'm not brave enough to show you a picture of my legs...unless you beg me...and then I still might not :-)

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