No Wonder I Feel So Huge...

We just got back from vacation/babymoon/debrief, and it was wOnderful!  However, I didn't have any internet access, so this post is a little late...this is my belated 24 weeks photo, so technically I'm 24 & a half here...

And no stinkin' wonder I feel so huge!  Being back in the USA, I finally got to take my measurements and weigh myself.  I couldn't believe what the scale was telling me...

I've gained almost 20 lbs!!  woah.  To confirm what the scale is telling me, my bust has grown 4 inches, my waist almost 8 inches, and my hips 2 inches!

With three and half months to go, and with the holiday season upon us, you may not be able to recognize me come March :-)

In other news, it looks like we've finally chosen baby boy's name...the big reveal coming soon!

Well, things are CRAZY busy still as we dive right back into life and responsibilities here in the US, so I'm gonna make this post short, but I'll catch up soon enough.  While we're busy and things are a bit stressful, we've got a fun Thanksgiving weekend ahead of us, and I have sooooo much to be thankful for!  I thank God that I'm back in my home country with my family again, and I've got my baby and my loving husband, and I have abundantly more than I need...salvation alone would have been more than enough!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends!!

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