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Christmas 2010 in Review

Christmas has been going all month long it seems.  We've been enjoying one party after the next and have been fortunate enough to travel and be with both families this year.  And now, for the Christmas season in review...
 Literacy & Evangelism International's Staff Party: Our pal Jacinda joined us!  Here are some of us gals.
Family Christmas Party (my side):  looking at old photo albums  My gawgeous mama and me Ethan gave us some beautiful Christmas music! Grammy & Papa

Christmas w/ my Family:

Christmas Eve Party (Tedd's Family):  Me & my beloved  Enjoying live Christmas music (provided by talented family members!)

Christmas Day:  Peter opened a bottle of champagne with his saber  The doc got a sweet tool set from the kiddos The Lodii A beeeeautiful Pottery Barn rocking bear for the baby from my mother-in-law (love it!)

Cookie & Caroling Party - The Cookies

Well, the cookie party was a blast!  We had a beautiful cookie display, some yummy comfort food for dinner, skipped the caroling, and played a fabulous game that had us all in tears we were laughing so hard.  I had such a great time!
the gals around the table
the fellas  laughing because they couldn't keep a straight face when trying to do a tough-guy pose
And now for the coooooookies! Heather's Coconut Macaroons
 Still my favorite - good ole chocolate chip
 Amy's "Everything" Cookies :-)

and my new favorite gourmet cookie, get this, Chocolate-Lavender Macarons with a chocolate ganache filling.  Ooooh.  Made with real dried lavender flowers - how cool is that?  
Thanks, Martha Stewart (or to your crew), for all the fun cookie recipes and inspiration!

Stuff Is Happening At The Queen!

Can you believe it?  It's been about 8+ months since much has happened on ole Queenie, but since we've been back, my hard-working hubby has been chipping away at the loooooooooong list of renovation to-dos.  (I'm on maternity leave, you could say)

Thankfully, he's had some help...

just look at these guys... these are some serious workers... My brother Evan is so handy that he can drill with one hand and hammer with the other.
Above, Tedd & Ev are preparing to cover a useless door with sheetrock and cover the "pit" (dangerous and awkward stairs) with plywood.  All better.  Just one of a million things to fix out there.  
More updates to come!  How exciting!

Cookie & Caroling Party - Decorating It

A cookie buffet MUST have milk!
When it came to crafting for the party, I was super super psyched. For starters, we had to have milk... I used wine carafes for the milk bottles (Walmart!) and then designed some simple labels.  You know how it is, some people like skim, some people like it whole (or should I say "Ho-Ho-Whole!") We served it up cold in those pretty stemmed glasses! I printed the labels, layered them up with some pretty paper, and attached them to a fun velvet ribbon. Here's a tutorial & free download of the milk labels if you'd like to use them!
For the labels, I just typed up the different cookies inside of 1.5" circles in photoshop  (super easy - just "draw" 1.5 inch circles inside of Photoshop or Word & then type inside of them with the text box tool & print).  Once I had them printed (on pretty craft paper), I cut out each circle and layered it with red linen cardstock & voila!
I left some blank ones for the guests…

Milk Bottle Label Tutorial

These milk bottle labels are very simple to make!
1: Download these easy peasy milk labels I made in Photoshop, and print! or downloadthis if you want "ho-ho-whole milk"
2: Cut out the labels (just inside the black line) and put some sticky stuff on the back...
....and stick 'em onto other layers of pretty craft paper, cutting out a border each time.
3: Attach the label to some pretty coordinating ribbon (I used tape after a failed attempt with fabric glue)... Again, after trying good fabric glue, I wound up just using a stapler to secure my ribbon around the milk bottles... staple magic
These are the milk bottles I used.  They're actually wine carafes from Walmart!  And voila!  See?  So easy! Have fun and if you use this tutorial for a project, please share your results!  Thanks!

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