December 30, 2010

Cookie & Caroling Party - The Cookies

Well, the cookie party was a blast!  We had a beautiful cookie display, some yummy comfort food for dinner, skipped the caroling, and played a fabulous game that had us all in tears we were laughing so hard.  I had such a great time!
the gals around the table

the fellas 
laughing because they couldn't keep a straight face when trying to do a tough-guy pose

And now for the coooooookies!
Heather's Coconut Macaroons

 Still my favorite - good ole chocolate chip

 Amy's "Everything" Cookies :-)

and my new favorite gourmet cookie, get this, Chocolate-Lavender Macarons with a chocolate ganache filling.  Ooooh.  Made with real dried lavender flowers - how cool is that?  

Thanks, Martha Stewart (or to your crew), for all the fun cookie recipes and inspiration!
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