December 21, 2010

Cookie & Caroling Party - Decorating It

A cookie buffet MUST have milk!

When it came to crafting for the party, I was super super psyched.
For starters, we had to have milk...
I used wine carafes for the milk bottles (Walmart!) and then designed some simple labels.  You know how it is, some people like skim, some people like it whole (or should I say "Ho-Ho-Whole!")
We served it up cold in those pretty stemmed glasses!
I printed the labels, layered them up with some pretty paper, and attached them to a fun velvet ribbon.
Here's a tutorial & free download of the milk labels if you'd like to use them!

For the labels, I just typed up the different cookies inside of 1.5" circles in photoshop 
(super easy - just "draw" 1.5 inch circles inside of Photoshop or Word & then type inside of them with the text box tool & print).  Once I had them printed (on pretty craft paper), I cut out each circle and layered it with red linen cardstock & voila!

I left some blank ones for the guests' cookies to be labeled.  This miniature clothespin was perfect for attaching the label to the bowl when I ran out of card holders.

 getting the table ready

the best part?  I had a gift card to Michael's, so I didn't spend a thing on decor!  Plus I borrowed most of these beautiful dishes from my mom & the silver pear card holders were favors left over from a friend's wedding!

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