Cookie & Caroling Party - Planning It

It all started with these:
beautiful vintage party invitations I found a year or so ago.  
(if i had to have a "thing," I'd say I have a thing for vintage cards).

So, mix together my love for hosting parties, my pal Rachel asking if I wanted to get together & bake, and a new Martha Stewart cookie book I splurged on, and the Cookie Party was born.
(Later we were inspired to add caroling into the mix!  Can't wait!)

So Rach & I got together to bake... 

granola balls

 healthy chocolate hearts

& to make those good ole trendy tissue paper pom poms...
 and then we planned all the food-food, the cookie buffet, and the drinks!

and since then, I've been baking and baking and decorating and planning,
and loving it!
 lemon wreaths in the oven

 trying to make my glitter balls look as beautiful as Martha Stewart's (needs some work, huh?)

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