December 21, 2010

Milk Bottle Label Tutorial

These milk bottle labels are very simple to make!

Download these easy peasy milk labels I made in Photoshop, and print!
or download this if you want "ho-ho-whole milk"

Cut out the labels (just inside the black line) and put some sticky stuff on the back...

....and stick 'em onto other layers of pretty craft paper, cutting out a border each time.

Attach the label to some pretty coordinating ribbon (I used tape after a failed attempt with fabric glue)...
Again, after trying good fabric glue, I wound up just using a stapler to secure my ribbon around the milk bottles...
staple magic

These are the milk bottles I used.  They're actually wine carafes from Walmart!
 And voila!  See?  So easy!
Have fun and if you use this tutorial for a project, please share your results!  Thanks!

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