Third Trimester!

I never thought I'd make it here.  I mean, I thought it'd surely come and I hoped I'd get this far, but I couldn't wrap my brain around the reality that I would actually be in my third trimester come Christmas season and I'd have a big ole seemed too good to be true.   But here it is, third trimester, 27 weeks and 2 days and I'm looking as rotund as ol' Saint Nick.
27 weeks
(sorry, this was taken really late last night so it needed to be another headless shot)

Want to know all the latest pregnancy details?  Do ya?
Oh, I thought so! ;-)

Ian Walsh should be about 2 lbs this week and over a foot long (like 14 inches!)

Well...still zero constipation & still sleeping great, so I feel like things are pretty "easy" and enjoyable at this point.

Ian is kicking and rolling and squirming all the time and it's so much fun.  My calves want to lock up on me every day it seems (apparently due to pressure on my blood vessels & nerves going to my legs - it's a common symptom).  

I'm constantly thinking about labor and birth now as I think about "13 weeks left" and "golly, how's this guy gonna come out if we're already this big?"

I'm trying to prepare myself psychologically and emotionally at this point more than anything since I would ideally like a drug-free birth.  I'm still very motivated (and honestly excited) to have a home birth with a midwife (oh yeah, did I tell you we've been planning that??)  so I feel like I have to go into this (labor/birth) with a very realistic and comprehensive idea of what to expect, but also with a very positive and "can-do" attitude.

Sorry I've been away for over a week.  I'm staying very busy in the real world, and I have a cool job now (tutoring a few hours a week with the no-child-left-behind program) so I took a little break, but I've got lots to write about so I'll be keeping in touch! 

Much love to you all.  Thanks for caring so much about what's happening in my life and about Ian's & my progress.  Thanks to God & his mercy, we're healthy and chuggin' along.

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