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Weekly Menu: Week 2

Whew!  I am worn out!  It's been quite a weekend (a great one, but very busy) and now we've got a big week ahead of us.  We've got a big week in the way of food, too, because we've been blessed with some wonderful company for the entire week.  Company = eating well!


Monday: Red thai curry over rice w/ fresh cabbage salad

Tuesday: fresh Banana bread in the mornin', & then for dinner: Butter chicken curry (Indian dish) over rice w/ Palak Paneer

Wednesday: deer chili (crockpot meal!) w/ fritos, sour cream + cilantro, and steamed veggies

Thursday: baked mac, turkey tacos (with "homemade" taco shells), and Carrot Cake for dessert...kinda random, I know

Friday: potato soup & lasagna pulled from the freezer - sweet!

Saturday: we wound up having Cheese Soup with crispy thin tortilla chips, a recipe from my friend Amy; maybe she'll let me share it with you??

Sunday: oh yeah, I forgot it was Superbowl Sunday :-) Our pals made lunch (some kind of chicken…

Locks of Love - Round Three!

Well, he did it!   Yes he. 
My brother has been growing his hair out for over a year to be able to donate his awesome locks to Pantene's "Beautiful Lengths."  I had the honor of cutting his hair (and no, I'm in no way qualified to be cutting hair).  We had so many great laughs!!
straightening Ev's hair to get it to it's maximum length...
trying to prove his manliness despite his strange girly hair-do
but then he just gave in.
once, when we were little, I put bows in baby brother's hair and put him in a dress.  my mom found us and Ev was bawling. 
anyway.  we decided to get a few ponytails so we could get the most hair out of the deal  so we started on top so we wouldn't miss all that great hair
little did we know...  ...that after the chop off the top, he'd have the most stellar mullet (I think he really liked it...a lot.)
and then the boys had to do some role playing

Pantene requires a minimum of 8" - I think we're doin' alright!
Ev's trophies…

Weekly Menu: Week 1

This is funny.  The week I decide to share my very first weekly menu plan is the week that we won't be home much.  Oh well!

Monday - out of town
Tuesday - out of town
Wednesday - eating w/ friends @ their place
Thursday - Butternut Squash Soup
Friday - Creamy-Tomato Pasta w/ Turkey Bratwursts
Saturday - Pancakes for dinner?  :-)  Leftovers?out of town*
Sunday - Palak Paneer w/ Basmati Rice (& homemade naan if I'm feeling super-ambitious)out of town*

things come up, so I don't know if plans will change or we'll switch things around, but I'm already drooling just thinking about this menu - especially Sunday night's meal!  I'll share the recipes next week.

*edit: I'm such a big doofus, and I'm pretty sure I can't blame it on pregnancy brain, but I completely forgot that we'll be out of town again this maybe we'll save the Palak Paneer for next week. 

Up for the weekly menu challenge?  Join me if you like!  What's your te…

33 Weeks

33 wks & with one of my closest friends, Becki at 29 wks!  
She's having a little girl.  It was so nice to get to see her & her family!

(btw, you'll probably catch me wearing the same four things over and over again in all my pictures for the next month or so ;-)  If you haven't noticed already, I have a pretty limited wardrobe!
How far along? Completed 33 weeks today Stretch marks?  Still none, but I have the infamous “linea negra” forming.  Fortunately, it’s pretty subtle. Sleep?  Still sleeping great.  Woke up one morning with the numbers “3, 11, 11” "3, 11, 11" repeating in my head, but with no reference.  I wasn’t dreaming about anything as far as I can remember.  I thought “huh, that’s strange…what could 3, 11, 11 mean?” and then it hit me!  March 11th, 2011!  Ian’s due date is the 12th of March – now wouldn’t that be weird! Best moment this week?  A clean bill of health from my risk assessment results.  Everything came back normal!  Also, I finally got t…

Baby Showers

I feel so blessed to have friends and family that have showered us with some beautiful and practical things for baby Ian!  I'm so thankful!!
wonderful friends!
Heather makes some beautiful cookies!  (and they tasted good too) 
Lauren's pregnant w/ #2!  I'm about 32 weeks pregnant here & Lauren's about 6!
a delicious cake made by Miss Monica
Abigail's stellar diaper cake
 birds' nests
 what a great idea!  they stamped the napkins - how precious is that?
cookie pops 
onesies on a clothesline - these gals are so darn creative! 
ca-ute birdhouse Rachel made
and a surprise shower that Tedd's family threw... delicious petits fours
and a partial group shot - Tedd's got a big family!
I'd say Ian made out like a bandit.  :-)

Nursery Sneak Peek - Week 1

Now that we're (theoretically) 7 weeks away from the due date, I thought it'd be fun to share a little sneak peek of the nursery each week until the big day!

The Closet (I spy a monster in the closet)
I always thought I'd go all out with the nursery and decorate & paint and go crazy, but honestly I haven't touched the room until this week.  I finally got some inspiration though once I started playing with stuff we already had on hand and the wonderful hand-me-downs and gifts that we've received.  Since we're in a rental and on a tight budget, this nursery is sort of like my "design on a dime" challenge - I think it's more fun that way anyway!  I'm starting to get more ideas now that the room is on it's way.  Tedd was commending me on my lack of obsessiveness over the decorating of the nursery, but that may quickly disappear once I get going.  I just can't help myself.  ;-)

So here's a sneak peek for the week:
I'm skipping the u…

Tell Me Your Birth Story!

Hi everyone.  Sorry I've been MIA a bit lately.  Tedd & I were in Pennsylvania for 2 weeks visiting family and then on the road for 3 days after that!  Whew!  Thankfully, even 31 weeks pregnant at the time, my back held out nicely for the long trek and I stayed very comfortable (thanks to my chiropractor ;-) and also to my sweet hubby who drove 99% of the way)!

It was a very funny trip, actually.  We looked a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies with our truck & trailer LOADED with stuff.  Tedd's family gave us all kinds of baby stuff and furniture - we feel so blessed!
When we were only 4 hours away from home, we ran into a snow storm and passed about 20 cars (no exaggeration) stuck or wrecked in the ditch and decided that was our cue to pull over for another night.  We found a rinky-dink hotel and rented a redbox movie, staying warm and safe from the snow.  It was a fun little adventure!

Anyway...I'm almost 33 weeks now & I'm thinking a lot about the big day, …

Weekly Menu Plannin'

I've been getting really interested in making weekly menus and freezer meals lately.  I've always admired menu planning from a distance, but never really stuck to it when I've tried myself.  I'm finally trying to take the leap now though for a couple reasons: My mom has one of those Once-A-Month Cooking cookbooks & I always thought it would be sweet to have a whole freezer full of home-cooked meals all lined up for the month.  The problem was, I didn't like all of the options on their pre-planned menus, some of the meals were pricey for our budget, and really...a month's worth of cooking?  Seems unrealistic for me.I've always loved to cook extra for freezing since it's just Tedd & I around here.  It's a waste of time for me to cook every meal from scratch, so when I make stuff, I make it for a crowd and freeze half of it for us to enjoy later.  I've been wanting to get more freezer meals stocked away lately for when baby Ian arrives so we…

Cheesy Venison Enchiladas

Venison abounds in this household.  Mostly because of the men in my family who all happen to be a great shot.  My yankee husband got pulled into it a couple years ago as well and has since become quite the hunter.  I think he feels really in touch with his manliness providing meat for the family (but that's just my theory).

Seriously though, venison is lean, organic (when harvested in the wild), and can be delicious when combined with the right ingredients.  Enter, "Cheesy Venison Enchiladas..."
I served this with Gallo Pinto and sour cream + cilantro and our guests insisted they take home the leftovers :-) We gobbled it up (except the few leftovers the guests took home) and I will definitely make this again.

Cheesy Venison Enchiladas 9 servings (I made a 9x13" casserole dish for 6 & another smaller pan for 3 to stock in the freezer for later) Modified by Emily Lodes (that's me :-) from  various enchilada recipes

- 2T olive oil
- 1 lg onion (half c…

32 Weeks

Well, it's been awhile since I last posted a belly pic.  Ian & I are 32 weeks into this now! Weight: I've gained 30 lbs!  Yoikes!!!  My waist has grown 12 inches. Maternity clothes? Definitely. Stretch marks?  Still none thankfully. Sleep?  Still sleeping great.  Having lots of dreams. Best moment this week? A baby shower!  Seeing Ian’s name all over everything :-) all the sweet baby items, and reuniting with some wonderful friends. Food cravings: Nothing really.  I've been seriously enjoying a big bag of fresh cherries this week though! Belly button in or out? Flat :-) Movement? We can see him rolling around really clearly now.  Lots of belly-morphing. Symptoms?  Some back pain now & then.  It's hard to bend over to put my shoes on :-) What I'm looking forward to: setting up the baby's room

The Nicaraguan ABCs: S is for...

Probably the number one most impressive thing I experienced in Nicaragua was the generosity of the people we worked with and befriended.  Particularly among the literacy students, who were poor farmers.  Depending on what was in season, we would come home with bags full of produce.  
For example... when limes were in season
when avocados were in season
when mangos were in season
and when plantains were in season
...and you should've seen the huge feed-sacks full of yucca and corn we would come home with when those were in season!  (To be honest, I was so ready for corn season to be over)
We were also regularly supplied with wild cilantro and freshly made cuajada (Nicaraguan cheese) by some of the ladies in our literacy class.  
One student, Marina, would even send us home with a whole chicken from time to time (that she would kill & prepare before class), homemade cheese and tortillas, and limes and fruit on the side - all wrapped up in a picnic quilt so we could "eat well…

The Nicaraguan ABCs: R is for...

Rainy Season

Rain on a tin roof.  That was our life for about 5 months.  Our tin roof wasn't that fancy metal stuff you see around here, but plain flimsy tin.  So when it poured, I literally had to put my hands over my ears.  But now I really miss it.  I miss napping next to the fan on a hot day with the rain tapping on that roof. Rainy season started around the end of April, hit hard at the end of May, and tapered off a bit by November.  In May we hosted a team from Purdue and the whole team had to buy rain boots just to make it through the week.  Our clothes were soaked just about every other day.
 teams walking through town in the rain construction work during rainy season = lots and lots of sticky mud (& sticky people)! For a time there, being soaked through at the end of each day was the norm.  Umbrellas couldn't begin to handle the amounts of rain that would deluge from the sky.   Brad & Amy
Most importantly, the rainy season created a great challenge for Tedd & me …