33 Weeks

33 wks & with one of my closest friends, Becki at 29 wks!  
She's having a little girl.  It was so nice to get to see her & her family!

(btw, you'll probably catch me wearing the same four things over and over again in all my pictures for the next month or so ;-)  If you haven't noticed already, I have a pretty limited wardrobe!

How far along? Completed 33 weeks today
Stretch marks?  Still none, but I have the infamous “linea negra” forming.  Fortunately, it’s pretty subtle.
Sleep?  Still sleeping great.  Woke up one morning with the numbers “3, 11, 11” "3, 11, 11" repeating in my head, but with no reference.  I wasn’t dreaming about anything as far as I can remember.  I thought “huh, that’s strange…what could 3, 11, 11 mean?” and then it hit me!  March 11th, 2011!  Ian’s due date is the 12th of March – now wouldn’t that be weird!
Best moment this week?  A clean bill of health from my risk assessment results.  Everything came back normal!  Also, I finally got the nursery organized.  It's not finished, but I made huge progress this week. 
Movement? Lots!  But not just from Ian; I’m trying to get my booty moving a lot more this week too.  Thanks to my accountability partner (dear hubby), I’ve been walking more regularly for exercise.
What I miss?  I miss…I miss…well, I don’t know.  I’m pretty content, actually.
Symptoms?  Had some really sharp pains in my abdomen earlier this week (like a stitch in your side when you’re running, only stronger).  Braxton Hicks??
What I'm looking forward to: getting some cloth diapers I ordered in the mail using some gift cards - it feels like Christmas!
Milestones: baby may be over 4 lbs this week and is about the size of a pineapple

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