Christmas 2010 in Review

Christmas has been going all month long it seems.  We've been enjoying one party after the next and have been fortunate enough to travel and be with both families this year.  And now, for the Christmas season in review...
 Literacy & Evangelism International's Staff Party:
Our pal Jacinda joined us!  Here are some of us gals.

Family Christmas Party (my side):
 looking at old photo albums
 My gawgeous mama and me
Ethan gave us some beautiful Christmas music!
Grammy & Papa

Christmas w/ my Family:

Christmas Eve Party (Tedd's Family):
 Me & my beloved
 Enjoying live Christmas music (provided by talented family members!)

Christmas Day:
 Peter opened a bottle of champagne with his saber
 The doc got a sweet tool set from the kiddos
The Lodii
A beeeeautiful Pottery Barn rocking bear for the baby from my mother-in-law (love it!)
 Tedd gives his mommy a hug (awe)
 Mr. Snowman (we ate him)
 Peter carves the turkey
 an amazing Christmas dinner

Snow Day!
father & son watching Star Trek
as the blizzard continued, we tuned in to watch our favorite reporter (who also happens to be a family member), the lovely Justine Waldman 
the next day (10-12" there, don'tcha think?)
 snow blowing the driveway

We've had a nice Christmas season, full of family and love and snow!

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