January 29, 2011

Locks of Love - Round Three!

Well, he did it!  
Yes he. 

 My brother has been growing his hair out for over a year to be able to donate his awesome locks to Pantene's "Beautiful Lengths."  I had the honor of cutting his hair (and no, I'm in no way qualified to be cutting hair).  We had so many great laughs!!

straightening Ev's hair to get it to it's maximum length...

trying to prove his manliness despite his strange girly hair-do

but then he just gave in.

once, when we were little, I put bows in baby brother's hair and put him in a dress.  my mom found us and Ev was bawling. 

anyway.  we decided to get a few ponytails so we could get the most hair out of the deal
 so we started on top so we wouldn't miss all that great hair

little did we know...
 ...that after the chop off the top, he'd have the most stellar mullet
(I think he really liked it...a lot.)

and then the boys had to do some role playing

Pantene requires a minimum of 8" - I think we're doin' alright!

Ev's trophies (3 thick ponytails!  his hair is amazing)

and the results!  ahhhhh!!!!

So we managed to cut off all the ugly and get it decent enough for Evan to go out in public tomorrow and get a real haircut.  Maybe I can get a picture of the true "after" to share with you soon.

So, the moral of this story is that guys can donate their hair too!  
I'm so proud of him!  

The end.
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