The Nicaraguan ABCs: S is for...


Probably the number one most impressive thing I experienced in Nicaragua was the generosity of the people we worked with and befriended.  Particularly among the literacy students, who were poor farmers.  Depending on what was in season, we would come home with bags full of produce.  

For example...
when limes were in season

when avocados were in season

when mangos were in season

and when plantains were in season

...and you should've seen the huge feed-sacks full of yucca and corn we would come home with when those were in season!  (To be honest, I was so ready for corn season to be over)

We were also regularly supplied with wild cilantro and freshly made cuajada (Nicaraguan cheese) by some of the ladies in our literacy class.  

One student, Marina, would even send us home with a whole chicken from time to time (that she would kill & prepare before class), homemade cheese and tortillas, and limes and fruit on the side - all wrapped up in a picnic quilt so we could "eat well on the way home."

I was so touched by the generosity of those who appear to be "poor" in our eyes.  We should all strive to share as freely and joyfully from the little (or abundance) that we have, don't you think?

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