January 21, 2011

Tell Me Your Birth Story!

Hi everyone.  Sorry I've been MIA a bit lately.  Tedd & I were in Pennsylvania for 2 weeks visiting family and then on the road for 3 days after that!  Whew!  Thankfully, even 31 weeks pregnant at the time, my back held out nicely for the long trek and I stayed very comfortable (thanks to my chiropractor ;-) and also to my sweet hubby who drove 99% of the way)!

It was a very funny trip, actually.  We looked a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies with our truck & trailer LOADED with stuff.  Tedd's family gave us all kinds of baby stuff and furniture - we feel so blessed!
When we were only 4 hours away from home, we ran into a snow storm and passed about 20 cars (no exaggeration) stuck or wrecked in the ditch and decided that was our cue to pull over for another night.  We found a rinky-dink hotel and rented a redbox movie, staying warm and safe from the snow.  It was a fun little adventure!

Anyway...I'm almost 33 weeks now & I'm thinking a lot about the big day, and as I prepare for labor and birth, I'd like to read your story!  I'm fascinated by birth stories!  Please link up below!

I'm especially interested in stories about home-birth, attempted home-births, water-birth, and natural-birth, but all stories are welcome!  I have a great amount of respect for any woman who's given birth, regardless of how she did it, so please share :-)

Link up!
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