Weekly Menu: Week 1

This is funny.  The week I decide to share my very first weekly menu plan is the week that we won't be home much.  Oh well!

Monday - out of town
Tuesday - out of town
Wednesday - eating w/ friends @ their place
Thursday - Butternut Squash Soup
Friday - Creamy-Tomato Pasta w/ Turkey Bratwursts
Saturday - Pancakes for dinner?  :-)  Leftovers?  out of town*
Sunday - Palak Paneer w/ Basmati Rice (& homemade naan if I'm feeling super-ambitious)  out of town*

things come up, so I don't know if plans will change or we'll switch things around, but I'm already drooling just thinking about this menu - especially Sunday night's meal!  I'll share the recipes next week.

*edit: I'm such a big doofus, and I'm pretty sure I can't blame it on pregnancy brain, but I completely forgot that we'll be out of town again this weekend...so maybe we'll save the Palak Paneer for next week. 

Up for the weekly menu challenge?  Join me if you like!  What's your tentative dinner menu for the week?  It doesn't have to be fancy!

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