Weekly Menu: Week 2

Whew!  I am worn out!  It's been quite a weekend (a great one, but very busy) and now we've got a big week ahead of us.  We've got a big week in the way of food, too, because we've been blessed with some wonderful company for the entire week.  Company = eating well!


Monday: Red thai curry over rice w/ fresh cabbage salad

Tuesday: fresh Banana bread in the mornin', & then for dinner: Butter chicken curry (Indian dish) over rice w/ Palak Paneer

Wednesday: deer chili (crockpot meal!) w/ fritos, sour cream + cilantro, and steamed veggies

Thursday: baked mac, turkey tacos (with "homemade" taco shells), and Carrot Cake for dessert...kinda random, I know

Friday: potato soup & lasagna pulled from the freezer - sweet!

Saturday: we wound up having Cheese Soup with crispy thin tortilla chips, a recipe from my friend Amy; maybe she'll let me share it with you??

Sunday: oh yeah, I forgot it was Superbowl Sunday :-) Our pals made lunch (some kind of chicken/potato dish with Latino spices - yum!) and then for dinner we pigged out at my parents' on game food.

(I linked to recipes that I'll be using that are already posted online).

I'll have to tell you more about our guests soon.  They were total strangers just a few hours ago when we met them for the first time, but now we already feel like family as we get to know each other and delight in our connection in Christ!  It should be a busy, but wonderful week.

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